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Purchased a refrigerator on 05/08/13 & extended warranty. Having issues with noise, ice buildup in ice maker, and dripping ice maker. Contacted the Warranty Center on 08/15 and REA services was scheduled to come out the 17th but I was to receive confirmation call the evening prior. After not receiving confirm call I tried to call REA the next day and for hours just got a recording but no return phone call. Called back into warranty center and... Read more

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My dishwasher broke at only 16 mo. Called the warranty co. which is a minimum hold for 20 min. Now 1 mo later- tech has been here 3 times. Cannot fix. Now they want me to use a different warranty repair contractor. But oddly enough they can't find one in my huge metropolis area of Charlotte NC...really, you only have 1 & they aren't knowledgeable enough to fix it? I think a dishwasher only has a pump & a control panel dummies. The warranty is... Read more

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I bought a Maytag Dishwasher for $529.64. My wife is limited with her mobility and paid $175 extra for the super heat dry unit on the dishwasher. The salesman assured us of the quality of the unit and I have had 6 Maytag dishwashers before with no trouble. This dishwasher has not worked from day 1. I contacted the store several times after receiving the dishwasher. Unfortunately I did not document the calls but was referred to Maytag for the... Read more

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One of the worst experiences with delivery that I have ever had with a business. I bought an appliance at the Fort Wayne location. The salesman was outstanding. Appliance was delivered on correct day but was scratched on the front door by delivery men. They caught the appliance door on house door. The dilivery man called his manager from my home. They agreed to bring a new appliance two days later. When the appliance never arrived I... Read more

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I just had an absolutely positive experience at Hhgregg. I bought a refrigerator last week and was unhappy with it. They offered every possible option to resolve the problem. They offered to bring another of the same refrigerator or bring another that was similar or offered a discounted model on the floor. They offered many choices and honestly made no effort to up sell. They did not hesitate to make the exchange and it's coming tomorrow. I was... Read more

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  • Aug 05
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HHGregg is a fraud. I payed for a gas grill that was on sale. I was told it would be ready for pickup the next day. I called the store the next day and was told it was there. When I arrived to pick it up, they said it wasn't there, but I could have a more expensive one if I paid the difference.

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I worked for Hhgregg for 2 months , the horrible things that went on in the call center i decided to quit after i left my old job of 6 years. They resale used items. They lie to the customers about rebate cards. they allow employees access to cell phones and facebook on the computer while talking to customers. The policy and procedures were to handle the call how you like, some customers we could help but others if we didn't like how they spoke... Read more

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Catonsville MD store: 3 bad experiences in a row each one worst than the one before. Go to a different location or Best Buys. To make a long story short, they promised one thing and did not deliver on that promised. Management could care less. Management promised to make it right and did not follow through. I complained to customer service, they promised to have management call to make it right and neither one has seemed to follow through. Spent... Read more

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Not honoring the 10 yr agreement. Giving me the run around with every attempt and trying to tell me that a motherboard is not a major componate. So pissed. Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jul 21
  • #886155

My name is Victor J Harrison and I purchase some things from hhgregg and I would like to voice my opinion that this is the sorriest all I have ever dealt with and I have no plans after dealing with you guys again you delivered dented merchandise and set a time to deliver me a new one when I'm not home I've never seen customer service this bad before

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