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Rebecca Is The Most Rude Person I Have Ever Meet in My Life. She Talks To Costumers And Employees So Mean . SHE SHOULD BE FIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. How She Ever Got This Job When She Has NO People Skills . She Has Been FIRED From Every Job She Has Had For Being Rude. Check Her Background Record!. She Has been Hated At Every Job She Has Had. With Complaints At Every Job. She Dresses Like A Street Walker Maybe That Is How She Gets The Jobs. It Is Not... Read more

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The HHGREGG in shortpump customer service is the worst I've ever seen. I went out there to purchase a washer because of a store credit I had from a warranty on a previous washer that was broken. When I requested to speak with a manager about any other discounts available before I purchased the washer I wanted...the sales rep Nathan said to me with a very disrespectful undertone...quote..."You need to hurry up...I am getting ready to go home".... Read more

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They delivered a defective freezer that did not freeze the food, made horrible noises and had a door that would only open forcefully. They left me on hold for one hour in order to schedule a replacement. Never showed up with the replacement and when I called to inquire, they told me sorry someone didn't put in the ticket properly. When asked to speak with a manager, I could hear them laughing at me in the background, before leaving me on hold... Read more

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Bought refrigerator in 2013 Replaced 3 times July 2016 had to have ice maker repaired Sept 4 2016 refrigerator not working at all After repeatedly phone calls to Warranty center was to have repair done Sept.22 2016.Called to conform was informed Hhgregg called and canceled appt 1 month without refrigerator. Mistake on Hhgregg part I was informed.IAM NOT FINISHED WITH THIS Rescheduled for repair on Sept 27th. Read more

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I purchased an LG refrigerator in November of 2014. I have had nothing but trouble with it. Luckily I purchased extended warranty because it kept having to get serviced for the same thing approximately every 6 months. Will just last week I'm having another issue with it. The water dispenser is dispensing water on its own. I came home to my kitchen floor and part of my living room flooded with water. My carpet and some of my cabintry is ruined..... Read more

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Horrible customer service. Constantly lied to by all at the store. Deceptive advertising. Sent floor model dryer instead of new one I purchased.

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DON'T BUY AT HHGREGG IN KENDALL MIAMI I was there on the Labor Day weekend to buy the Samsung Microwave. Customer Service SUCKS!!! I noticed the store quite empty but decided to buy anyways since I was there and it was the price range I was looking at. WHAT A MISTAKE first of all they don't carry stock so I had to wait 3 days which was ok. I get my microwave and its dented on the door, I take it back wait another 3 days, this one is scratch... Read more

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My Son who is 15yrs.He wanted to upgrade his Beats Solo2 To Beats Studio,One hhgreg store suggested he pay the difference,go to another hhgreg to pick up the Beats Studio.My son got in the car opened his Beats to only find out that Beats 1,were in the box...My Son went back in the Store to get the right ones,The store manager was very rude and loud,thats when I went in the Store to get a resolution or understanding of how this could happen.The... Read more

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Customer service at HHGregg in Columbia, S.C. sucks! Had a delivery today of a Samsung dryer with haul away of the old dryer. The delivery boy doesn't have the haul away on his invoice so of course I show him my receipt. He has a attitude and says its not his job to detach the pedestal from the old dryer, so when we call the store the delivery boy leaves without delivering the dryer. I went to the store to get my refund and store employee's are... Read more

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Still trying to get washer and dryer ordered several weeks ago. Lied to constantly by salesperson and managers. Expected delivery when I got call it would be 2-3 additional weeks to get product. Then told product on ship off San Francisco. Then that trucking company went bankrupt. I called manufacturer directly and none of what hhgregg said was true. Very frustrating. Was told they would give me floor samples to use but got call saying truck... Read more

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