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A few weeks ago, i posted an article about HH Greg taking a very long time to fix my broken 42' LCD. Now the news is they cannot fix it, so they decided to exchange a new one for me.

But they do not have my old model which i bought just 1 year ago and a 5 year warranty. Here's the kicker, they said that the warranty is gone for teh exchanged. I lost $400 in 1 year for a freaking 5 Year warranty. They said that the warranty paid off for the exchange of TV.

I regret buying stuff from i have to pick out another TV so i piked a 2 inch smaller LCD and got a credit of $250 back. But the rep told me that i will have to use it within 30 days...what kind of rule is this? Forcing your customer to rush and buy things off even if you guys don't sell ***? They have poor inventory management.

I was looking for a PSP or a DS but they had none.

All they had was 360 and PS3 bundle which are a total rip off. I hated this company with passion...

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I bought a 5yr warranty in 2008 and they want to replace with a off brand Hanspree which can only be purchased online at There contract changed in 2011 and they will not honor the old. The corporate office said they can do nothing and the warranty department said it is in my best interest to accpet the tv or 400.00 less then what I paid because tvs have depreciated


I purchased a TV from HH Gregg Nov. 2004

I was told that the store/ manufacture offered a one year free warranty.

I also purchased an extended 5 year warranty that was to start Nov 2005.

The TV has gone out so I called the warranty company and was told that my warranty had expired. I found that HH Gregg did not honor the free one year warranty. They ran the free one year warranty parellel with the extended warranty and they are refusing to honor it.

Why would anyone buy a warranty for the first year if you did need it? This is BS.

Lakeview, Oregon, United States #116153

I did call the corporate and they said the same thing. They are horrible and i have to get a nother warranty for my new TV.


Don't call hhgregg. Call the warrantee company, NEW.


this is BS. I have done business with HH GRegg for 7 years.

You should have called the Corporate office if that is what the store told you.

every year new models of tvs come out. the warrantee will cover the replacement of the Tv for 5 years from the date of purchase!

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