I purchased this t.v. on June 6th of this year. It just blew up. No picture no sound. Won't turn off. Have to unplug from wall outlet. I called and asked for the manager of the Lexington, Ky. store. I held for almost ten minutes. Then he came on the phone rudely saying "yeah" Caleb. While I'm trying to explaing he is talking to his workers. I stopped and asked him had he heard what I was saying. He had NOT!!! Then he proceeded to interrupt me and ask did I have the box. I said no I just got rid of it. He informed me no box I'm screwed.

I offered to bring in the set and even upgrade to a larger one. He puts me on hold. THen when he came back online he said if you don't have the box can't take it back and the rest is up to you and your credit card company.

I have never had anyone be this crude, rude, and mean. If he is the manager YOU all need to give him an attitude adjustment.

I am just sick of this purchase. I am 67 years old. Went back to work to pay for this so I could enjoy my programs. Now I have to wait maybe two weeks for a part they(Samsung)THINK MIGHT BE THE PROBLEM. I didn't buy this tv to not get to watch it.

I will never purchase from your store again. I will tell everyone I know the treatment I received and was offered no solution. Except without a BOX i'm SCREWED!!!!

Very Unsatisfied Customer!

Judy A. Rose

Product or Service Mentioned: Hhgregg Manager.

Monetary Loss: $697.

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Germantown, Maryland, United States #740385

As a store mgr for Hh Gregg if was within the first 60 days and you did not have the box but it is a valid current model I would have possibly offered an exchange keeping the box. The issue is depending on the manufacturer after the 30 days if we take it back will not honor the warranty to HH Gregg therefore the store has to write it off.

As a store mgr here is my view and tell my customers even at time of purchase. After 30 days I will ask if you bought the performance plan. If you say no I am very limited to my options to help you. With it I will go to bat and do everything to make it right. If I have to take a loss because the warranty company is not filling their responsibility I will.

I will also say every situation is different including how the mgr and customer communicate. This can also help or hinder the resolution.


There's a one year manufacturers warranty. If retail shops replaced every tv that blew up they'd be out of business.

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