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I find it remarkable u even have a pissed pg, 1st of all. Bought r reciever on 11-26-10, and since have brought it back 3 times.....took it back becuz, the remote control didn't work.

Date, 4-10-11. Taken it back again, same prob. 8-8-2011, got it back again 8-18-11. Now again, 3rd time, same prob.

Took it back to HH GREGG, Sunday, 10-1-11. To have to'v brought it back to my home instead of u guys back'g UR product and taking it back urself to replace this LEMMON.

They say I have to wait on a phone call....THAZ GOOD BUSINESS. I'm sure this is the same ole same ole......but YES I'm pissed!

Monetary Loss: $469.

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