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I purchased a Samsung Dryer at the Savannah Georgia location and scheduled a delivery for February 20th. The dryer was delivered and installed.

That afternoon my son-n-law had to move the dryer slightly to adjust my washer location. As soon as the dryer was moved it caused sparks (that would have burnt him if he had not jumped out of the way). The sparks blew holes in the side of the new dryer as well as my washer (which was only approximately 6 months old). It also blew the breaker.

We immediately called the store to report this and explained the situation and asked for a new dryer to be delivered. They were also advised of the damage that was caused to my washer. The new dryer was delivered on February 23rd and it was discovered that the first unit had the wires crossed. What a dangerous situation.

If I had just turned the dryer on and left the house there was the possibility that my house could have caught on fire due to an electrical misconnection. Or even worse, what if my family and I had been asleep upstairs and the house had caught on fire. This would have been a real issue due to the fact that my dryer is located under the staircase. We could have been trapped upstairs.

Pictures of the damage were taken by the delivery person and sent immediately to his supervisor. I advised the delivery person that I expected the washer to be replaced as I was not sure what other damage could have been caused besides the holes in the unit. I was advised someone would contact me back. After a few days of not hearing from anyone, on Friday I decided to call the local store and speak with a Manager.

I spoke with supposedly with the store General Manager who told me he couldn't do anything I had to speak with the Delivery Manager. He said he would have him call me in the morning. Saturday morning I had not received a phone call so I called the store again. Again he was not available.

I then contacted what was supposedly corporate customer service and again got the run around. Again, somebody would call me back on Monday. I got no response so on Wednesday I tried to contact corporate customer service again. I again was told someone would call me back.

I still had the delivery persons cell phone so I text him to check on what was being done. He informed me that his boss wanted to have him come back to my house and see if the washer worked. In my opinion they are trying to say "if it works who cares if it has a few holes in it". If this is indeed what they are trying to do then I would certainly recommend to never purchase anything from them.

On Thursday after no one had contacted me, I again called the corporate customer service number and was given the name of Marcia Duncan who was in the incident tracking department. I left 3 message for her asking for a return call. Today Friday March 4th, I again called and left 2 messages and still have not received a call back. HHGregg obviously does not have any concern for their customers.

The fact that my house could have burned down due to their mistake is so upsetting.

My families lives were at risk and they have chosen to ignore the situation. All that I can say is - beware if you choose to purchase anything from them

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Eden, North Carolina, United States #1283354

Same issue with FRIG that leak water on my mothers floor. the replaced the frig but has never got back to me on the floor.

I have left Duncan a message a day for 2 weeks and have yet to get a call back.

Avoid doing business with this company at all cost . My Mother is 81 and can't keep walking on floor like this.

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