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Bought a refrigderator from HH Gregg. It was blown when a storm knocked our power out.

The salesman seemed knowledgeable and helpful. But, that was the end of our satisfaction. I had ROLLED the fridge out a couple of hours before they called to deliver the new fridge because I knew there would be a mess after all the bags of ice for 4 days. Bear in mind, I rolled the fridge out about 3 feet and found a muddy mess.

I began cleaning the mess and it had to take about 30 minutes. I left the fridge where it was. When the delivery guys came in they immediately tipped the fridge on it's side to put the carrying strap under the fridge. When they picked the fridge up and started to carry it out I saw the gouge in the middle of the kitchen floor.

When they came back in with the new fridge they immediately denied causing the gouge. Now, the story of the attitude of HH Gregg regarding this problem is a story in itself. Basically, they called us liars saying there is no way of PROVING it was not there before. They delivery guys seemed well trained in canned responses.

Most of which were outright bull.

I've read many of the complaints on this website and I'm dreading any further contact with this company. I'm afraid we bought the Extended Warranty and it sounds like if and when we need it there will be another issue.

Review about: Hhgregg Warranty.

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So the gouge was under the refrigerator you moved and when they picked it up there was the gouge? Sounds to me like you may have done the damage when you moved the refrigerator because I am sure you haul appliances all day every day in peoples homes.

It is probably time to replace your vinyl floor anyway. Nothing but a bunch of complainers on here probably looking for something for free.

I like the people that say they are going to go to Best Buy, Sears, Home Depot or Lowes. Obviously these people have not read the complaints for these companies before they open their *** mouths.

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