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purchased a smooth cooktop range from hhgregg on 07/02/2011. I also purchased an extended warranty.

The cooktop is peeling ,spoke to the manager of the store in Pembroke Pines by the name of Ken he stated it was residue that was on the cooktop.

I called the warranty dept and spoke to Veronica who was extremly rude and stated I needed to call whirlpool. I called whirlpool and they want to charge me $85.00 for a service call.Why is it I have to pay for a service call when they sold me a defective stove.I only have had the stove for 3 months !!!!!!!

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Two experiences Both terrible.

First: Tried to purchase a computer first day of newspaper ad. They did not know it was on sale, then was told it was out of stock with no idea when they would get them again. No rain check. No checking other stores.No offer to ship. Called to speak to manager.Message with sales associate. No return call. No customer service.


Looked on line and found the computer at another location. They would not sell item unless i gave them all of my personal information.Name, address, phone and d/l Was told it was company policy. Why would you want to give all your personal information, just to make a purchase.(Cash or credit card)

I purchased the item at the local office store for the same price.

Save yourself the hassle. Go elsewhere.

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