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Approx. 3 weeks ago, I purchased a refrigerator from HHGregg. Yesterday it stopped working.

I called HHGRegg and the very rude and arrogant manager told me "they will not replace the product because it is outside of their 14 day return policy....and that it is the problem of the I need to call them."

I told them how unfair I was being treated and then asked the mgr how he would feel if he were in my situation.....and he had the arrogance to tell me...."Well, I was once, except I had just purchased a brand new $30K car...not a $950 refrigerator!" Really??? Really??? Well isn't that nice! I guess I didn;t spend enough money in his store! My $950 purchase does not warrant thier help.....

I guess I now know how an HHGregg mgr is able to afford to purchase a brand new expensive screwing over customers!! Do not ever buy anything from HHGregg!!!! They don;t care about you after your check clears!

Monetary Loss: $950.

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where was this store located??

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