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I bought a 70" Tv a HH Gregg on Fields eartle road in Cincinnati. The salesman sold me a bracket to hang it on the wall the bracket said for 65" but he said it would work that was $179.99.

He then sold me the service to install the TV for $399.99. When the installers showed up they would not install it because the bracket was not rated for the TV. I went to HH Gregg top get a refund and a nice man named Marcus was doing a great job helping me. A nother manager in an orange shirt started arguing with me saying I said things I did not say and just would not stop arguing.

he finally walked away.

I would never shop at another HH Gregg. I am sure they have fine prodcuts but why would I shop somewhere that employeed people like that.

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Before I can take you seriously, I woud like to know what is the "manager in an orange shirt"'s side of the story? You say he accussed you of saying things you didn't say but aren't you doing the same thing to him here on this forum?

You are trying to tell the world your perception of the conversation you had.

I'm sure if anyone actually cared, this manager would be asked for his side of the story and I am willing to bet his version would be different from yours. There are two sides to every story and the truth lies somewhere in between.

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