I purchased a 22K BTU Haier AC from HHGregg and three months later It stopped working. When I called to ask for help they basically told me that it was not their problem after 15 days.

They directed me to the manufacture( Haier) who made me wait 10 months before they refunded my money less 20%. Walmart would have given me a new one.If anyone from HHgregg really cares about my complaint call 540-247-9228(Gary). I own A restaurant and I can't seem to stop talking about the customer service I received.

no wonder the parking lot looks so empty in the Winchester Va. store.

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1. you buy the cheapest AC you can, and are using it in a commercial setting?


Not even walmart would hand over a NEW AC after 3 months. Sorry to pop your bubble.


No retail company would allow an A/C return after 3 months. I'm guessing Haier is an off brand due to the fact that I've never heard off them or seen an ad. You get what you pay for.

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