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I was a first time customer for HHGregg & my husband went online & purchased a Kindle Fire for me. The store near us didn't have any instock so we decided to order one from the store that was 45 minutes away.

In the middle of our purchase their website crashed. We wanted to call to make sure they had our order even though they had already taken the money out of our account. We could never get through. We went to pick up our purchase & the employees would NOT wait on us!

There was NO ONE in the store at the time just about 25 employees all chatting & not helping. When I finally interupted them & they actually started listening to us, they were huffing & puffing like we pulled them away from something important (she was standing at the desk, by the way). It took about 30 minutes before they told us they have already sold the item we paid for & they took out of our account. They told us we could come back!

We explained we don't live close & it wasn't like they had a sale on this item but they were not helpful. The next day, my husband already being pissed went to the HHGregg in Joliet. Asked to speak with their supervisor & he only gave him another phone # to call & said he couldn't help him. UNBELIEVABLE!!

Who does business like this? My husband was on hold for over an hour & had to hang up. I then contacted the BBB & wrote a complaint! I then called the ph# & waited on hold for over an hour myself.

When I did speak with them, they said this is how I was to get a refund for anything bought online from HHGregg. RIDICULOUS!! I demanded my refund which, of course, will take 3-5 business days. I will never shop here again!!

They do not deserve anyone's business!!

Monetary Loss: $220.

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Thanks for your post. I am looking to buy a Kindle Fire and wlll be purchasing it from Best Buy, based on your comments.

HHG is new to the chicago area, and it sounds like they need to learn a thing or two about customer service. We MidWesterners place a lot of value a good price, being treated like our business is appreciated and having the flexibility to be able to exchange-return internet purchases in the store. Shame on you HHG for treating this customer so poorly, and worrying more about your individual store bottom line instead of the customer.

Treat the customer right and your bottom line will show it. If you want to stay viable in the Chicago area, you have a lot learn.

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