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HHGregg probably has the worst customer service and crappiest warranty plan ever. I purchased a home theater system with the premium warranty plan.

Everything was fine until I needed to have the item repaired. When you buy the item and plan, they tell you "if you have any problems with your product, we'll repair or replace it". What they don't tell you is the pain in the *** hassle they take you through. Well, the first time I called the warranty company, they said they would be sending someone out.

3 days after I hadn't heard from anyone, I called the warranty company back. They said they don't send anyone out, and that I would need to take the system apart and take it to the store. I felt this can't be right, because that would be a nightmare to take this whole system apart to take it in to the store. I called the store and they said I would need to call the warranty company to have the refer me to an authorized repair company.

2-3 weeks going back and forth, I got a call from the warranty company saying take it to the store. I take it to the store, and they were less than delighted. The manager says they don't accept the item in the store because they have no in-house repair service and no shipping services. They weren't sure why the warranty company told me to bring it in to the store.

Thank goodness I saved the voicemail message from both the warranty company and one of the managers I had previously spoken to telling me to take it to the store. After much back and forth, they ultimately agreed to ship. Three weeks later, I call for a status. They could only tell me that it would still be a few more weeks.

Unbelievable!! I call the warranty repair company and, conveniently, they are shipping it to the manufacturer the next day because they can't repair it through their repair service. Says it will take another 2-4 weeks before I can expect it back. This is absolutely ridiculous and extremely poor servicing.

How is it that the repair company has to send it to another repair company? Why not just cut out the middle man and authorize either in-home service or authorized referral to a repair company I can take it to myself and get back in a reasonable time frame. Both the store manager and warranty company were less than helpful in getting this resolved in a timely manner. It's not like this was some super high tech system.

It was 2 of an 8 piece component that needed repair. 3 weeks and the system still has not been worked on. Outrageous!! If I could refund it, I would in a heartbeat.

I can just say that this is the first and LAST time I will ever buy anything from this store and will actively encourage others to follow suit. Save yourself the headache and aggravation!!

Monetary Loss: $600.

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Coby has a one year exchange within the store. tell them to check the stock screen and that will tell them. As to the sound system I do apologize.


I am right there with you. My mother bought a TV from them..

The salesmen talked up the warranty plan. Well guess what.. They are not honoring it. She was on the phone over 3 hours between the hhhregg warranty number and coby (hh gregg told her to call them) well the no deductible turns out to be a $50 and she has to mail it back to them and it will be at least 6 weeks before it is repaired or replaced..

The tv is 7 months old..

The salesmen just saw an elderly women coming and took advantaged of her. Will NEVER shop there again..


I apologize for any inconvenience you have experienced with your repair. If you still need assistance, please contact our Call Center at (800) 284-7344.

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