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I purchased a microwave on 12/21/11 using my BANK debit/credit card (taken right out of my account). When I got home, I checked my balance only to see that HHGregg double charged me for my purchase.

I called and asked for a manager, which I waited 10 to 15 min on hold before he answered. Explained what happened and he advised me I would have to come back in with my card in order for him to have the charges removed immediately, a 40 minute trip one way. I did that on 12/22/11. They sent a fax to bank and told me it was taken care of, that it should be removed within 24 hours.

I asked if they were going to compensate me for having to come back in for their error. He offered me a discount on my next purchase, said it was the best he could do. So we decided to get the Bose surround sound, ($599) something we were thinking about getting already. Well he couldn't discount anything from Bose, so we picked a Blue Ray player, but that was already discounted, so basically, ***!

When we got home I checked my account and now there is a third charge! Called Tom, the manager again. He told me he was going to get to the bottom of this and call me back. Well today is 12/27 and I still have not heard from him.

Called my bank explained to them what happened, they said they never go a fax from HHGregg. They finally called HHGregg who sent an email and the bank said the credit should be effective today.

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