i completely agree !!! bought a samsung lcd tv, 55 inch, one year ago, and bought the 5 yr service plan with it.

little did I know that hhgregg sells that contract to some crappy company that you have to deal with. In our situation, they dont have anyone to fix the tv, so we have to wait for a week for them to find someone who can do the work. So... after buying a warranty from hhgregg...

while im at work, i have to trust a repair company that I dont know, hhgregg doesnt know, the company who bought the contract from hhgregg doesn't know either to come into my house with my wife and kids at home to fix the tv.

this is total ***. DONT BY FROM HHGREGG

Product or Service Mentioned: Hhgregg Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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I am having the same issue with this company. I called 7 weeks ago and was told that a tech would contact me.

I set up a time for him to be here, he was late. I was under the impression that he would be prepared to repair my tv that day. Well I was naive because he only came to take pictures.

Now all I get is BS. The part isn't in.


Comment below me: Your a *** to think it covers accidents on TVs. Nobodys extended service plan covers that. Nobodys.


HHGregg extended warranty is awful. We bought a Samsung 50 inch plasma tv that has cracked twice in a matter of 18 months and the warranty company refuse to fix it.

They don't tell you when you buy the warranty that it does not cover everything! We will never buy from HHGregg again!


HHG contracts these services out. The plan administrator's name is located on the back bottom of the brochure and/or the body of the fine print. Both HHG and the administrator get a percentage of each plan sold. Both of their margins combined can be over 60, even 70% of the price of the plan.

Most products have very low failure rates. That is the ONLY basis for the existence of extended service plans.

Think about it, we would all be better off if extended warranties/service contracts didn't exist - retailers would be forced to get better at service and minimize selling products that have excessive return rates.


It is normall to have to wait for an item to be repaired. And fyi, all extended warrenties have to be under written by a third party company, no matter where they are purchased from. So don't blame hhgregg directly.


It is entirely normal to have to wait for any repair service. Do not blame HHGregg for being a normal company, with normal warranty repair plans/service. Also, if you were waiting for new cable, or phone service, or a new pool to be installed, or moving guys to come to the house, or just in general something that makes you happy to get, would you feel the same way about having your wife and children at home to answer the door for these strangers?

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