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I bought a 42' LG on 10/10/08 and the sales rep told me if anything they will exchange the TV without me losing any days of TV. First they could not find my warranty and then i had to be on the phone for about 1 hour with their rep before them telling me that their service person will pick it up.

Upon picking up, they said is 10 day the longest. It is well beyond 10 days and no news and i went to HHGreg to complaint but the rep could not do anything as they will have to contact the HQ. Then i told them how do i get a refund, they said that YOU WILL ONLY GET THE WARRANTY MONEY BUT NOT THE TV MONEY. THEY WILL HOWEVER RETURN ME THE BROKEN FLAT SCREEN...Nice way of Scamming people.

Don't buy anything from them, Best buy or Walmart has better service than these ***. I hate HH Gregg with passion now that i am going to miss Christmas and New year without my big TV.

Product or Service Mentioned: Hhgregg Warranty.

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Bought a Samsung washing machine from them, took extended with them ,told me not to worry .well I guess I was wrong because they say I overloaded a machine that Samsung says I can put 26 bath towels in it . What a joke .I will never buy another Samsung product, or anything else from hh Gregg.

And there extended warranty from N E W . So now I have a dead washer and a useless Warranty.

Orlando, Florida, United States #717397

Never again will I buy anything from HH Gregg. Their salesmen are a bunch of pathological lairs, I had to refuse a washer and dryer delivery because it was not what I ordered.

Thankfully the driver tipped me that if I listened the salesman on the phone and acepted the delivery I would never get what I ordered. After a couple of weeks of promises that my refund check was in the mail. I called the District Attorney's office.

The DA told me to call the CC company and challenge the charge. When VISA got through with them, the charges where immediately backed of my account.


I find it hard to actually listen to anything said here as the "review" and the above 10 posted comments are written so poorly it reads as if they were written by morons.


How y'all gon talk bout a warranty bein a scam? My TV broke and they fixed it 2 and a half days.

The owner boy Greg Frogfartin, he *** though. Got a little sugar in his blood.


never had an issue with hh gregg or best buy. sears warranty is garbage and so is their appliance service.


Best Buy Hhgregg, and Walmart warranties are handled by the same company...


Dynamixe sounds alot like dynex and isint that a best buy brand. sounds fishey to me!!!!!


dont know who you talked to but ... you wont loose a hour of tv time come on if you belive that i got a bridge in brookland i'll sell ya ... you know that they try to fix it first dumb dumb


cost me 2 in the bush


I the alpha rawrrr! Dont shop there i might have to go to court over them--- RAWR n stuff


Yo I agree with alpha


never! shop there


the warranty doesnt cover anything! waste of $, bad customer service, ..list goes on and on


I agree with Mr. Bawss


The bawss says dont shop dere


I got a warranty from there. Then I ***. We all laughed.


Tv's and etc i think, are worth the warrantys. ive already used my 5 year warranty i purchased from hhgregg twice because i had lines popping up on my tv...they legitimally came out and gave me a new television so im happy haha.

i dont care about what anyone says i always get it and always will, i protect my investments thats why no matter what happens im good....go ahead and drive your BMW without insurance on the drag strip! go for it :)


NEVER ASSUME ANYTHING. Read the fine print.

If it sound to good to be true, it is. If you go through life without reading the fine print, you will continue to think your getting screwed because you don't really know what you paid for.


hey ***. you're rediculous.

try dealing with your manufacturer. im sure they will help you out. god forbid you have to make another phone call!

go to walmart or bestbuy and get your sorry *** a vizio. ive got nothing else to say to you.


A few thoughts.

1. Jeremy clearly works for H.H. Gregg.

2. McDonald has no business calling anyone ***. Ever.

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