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took back my tablet today and they didn't have any in the store and are not ordering anymore

so now I got a *** store credit

it was paid by credit card and I found the reciept it magically showed up down here this afternoon

cause it wasn't my credit card it was my ex's and when I put stuff back on there well when I return my presents she gives me I end up getting nothing

so idk

I wanted cash and they said no

well I was going thro every tablet they had and they were all pos or 300 dollars or more

mines was on sale for 100 bucks on black frieday

friday I take it that's what the store gave you credit for $100 ... Well I'd of been *** about the *** thing not working correctly or whatever, something wasn't working well, maybe you need to find some info online about it see if anything helps??

So basically I was sol

well that was the thing last night it wouldn't even charge

I had to hold the plug into it to charge it

I could have went and got another charger but that might not have been the problemand I was searching for resolutions to my problems on here and idk I seen allot of people were having problems with them

yeah well they wanted me to pay the shipping and plus I would have to pay for insurance on the *** thing

they were just dicking me around and I will never go to that store again accept for the one last purchase cause I am going to get something i just don't know what

and the best thing I seen was another 50 bucks but I jsut don't have it my ex said she would give me that for my birthday lmao but thats in february lol

was there anything else similiar to it about the same price? I'd had them exchange it right then & there

the tablets were sold out and the 7 inch one had a poorer rating than the one I had

but those were gone to I just think its strange that they are not ordering anymore of those *** things

beyond pissed I just wanted to exchange it for the same one sighs

nope I will have to pay the asking price which is 150 but thats a different tablet not the same one the one I had was 150 regular price

they are not selling the one I had they did not order anymore of them

I put up a bad report for the ttablet and now I guess I have to put one up for the store for lack of service

well at first they were telling me that it was past the 30 days that I had to deal with the manufacturer but I just wanted to exchange it I went to 2 different stores to do that too neither of them had them in stock or had any on order

yah I might have to do that but I just wanted my tablet back that is BS it was a Christmas gift, does the receipt say Nov 23 on it?

yeah I realized that when I brought it back the first time for instructions on how to use it

the *** sales associate asked what did u pay for that 50 bucks and laughed

and kept walking away from me and I was with my mother in law who is 85 and slow and gots demensia so I couldn't really keep up with that sob

shes too slow I mean she holds your hand when u go in the store with her cause she can't be left alone the manufacturer or C. Both and something can/ will be done

I got the best customer service tonight when the lady gave me the store credit

I am just not a very good letter writer but as of right now a lil pissed lol

well yeah he was 20 something I wanted to kick his ***

and well she my mother in law can't be walking around a store to chase down management either

yeah and the tablet sucked too so if u could only imagine

I was mad bringing it back cause I couldn't download any of the apps it even says it on the reviews allot of people were having that problem it even said google on it so we were thinking google + whiich is a great app store

but google + couldn't be downloaded on the pos that was the other problem I found the stuff on amazon app store and they wouldn't download from there either

Monetary Loss: $106.

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Usak, Usak, Turkey #673002

Sentence structure.Grammatical errors.

Poor story telling. It all adds up to a young guy buying a cheapo product and then attempting to return it, unsuccessfully.

Add to this the fact he didn't use his own money, and now he's angry about it.You quite obviously bought this on a huge whim, likely because of the price, and now have buyers' remorse.

Henrico, Virginia, United States #587100


Too long, didn't read.

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