Today, my wife and I made our first trip to an HH Gregg store. We went to one in Orlando on Orange Blossom Trail. The first thing I noticed was a sign with a sale paper - the sign said something like "private sale, open to the public." I couldn't figure that one, figured it was some incredibly lame gimmick to *** people into thinking they're getting a better deal than they are.

Just after entering the store, a salesman came up and immediately tried to sell us a TV. We told him we weren't there to look at televisions, we're looking for microwaves, then he walked away. We had to pause for a minute because there was a clearance table. In the very short time we were stopped at the clearance table, the same salesman came back and tried to sell us a mattress. We told him we weren't interested and walked away, toward the appliances. Upon entering the appliance section, a salesman came after us and asked if we need any help. I said no thanks, we're just looking. He continued following us and went on to talk to us for nearly five minutes about how HH Gregg is better than every other store. After that, we had to leave. At the front of the store, we made a quick stop at an appliance display near the front door. Right after we stopped, we saw another sales person coming for us, so we quit looking and headed for the door.

This was a horrible horrible place and I intend to never go back to an HH Gregg. I don't care if their prices are an better than anyone else's - there are places locally that sell for less and the sales people aren't quite as pushy. Even if they were the cheapest, I'd gladly pay more to not have to deal with the incredibly pushy sales people.

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Short but sweet, I will never buy another item from HHGregg!Their customer service is absolutely awful and their "promises" are meaningless!

The whole story would take forever to type, but lets just say it takes a heck of alot to tick me off!Right now I'm on hold with the regional office in Indiana, I am in NC and have been on hold for over 10 mins..this is not looking much more promising!


Bought and paid for a refrigerator on 07/16/ 2011.

Delivery was set up for following day and arrived on time As item was unpacked there was a dent /scratch on door, with a scratch on lower freezer door. Delivery guy calls the office manager David. He puts me on the phone with David and David gives me two options.

1. refuse item and new one next day,

2.$50.00 refund.

I explained to David my old frig was already on there truck and food has been out over an hour. He tells me well I cant replace the door nor the handle.

I replied to him. If you are telling me you cant do the replacements Your guys can just take the item back and you can refund me today I will go else where.He doesn't even put me on old and reply s Ok mam I just talked with my manager and he said we will replace the items next day. You will receive a call between 6 am and noon on time we will be there. I say Thank you

next day-07/17/2011 No call I call the office and speak to David again He tells me Im so sorry I forgot to write the invoice up

Would you like next day? Sure that would be great I reply.

07/18- N0 CALL!! Im getting mad.

I call them again talk to David again!! He tells me the guys are busy no time for a delivery today What about the following day.

I reply sure if you are sure they will show up. O yes mam you will get a call first thin in morn to confirm. 07/19/2011

Yep!! NO CALL!! I call and talk with...

Explaining to him I have appointments to show up on time for and I need them to do the same. He puts me on hold tells me they will be here by 1pm. Im thinking great I will make 1 appointment.

No show I call back some lady tells me O they are 15 minutes away. at this time Im thinking ok if I fly maybe I will make it when they get done. 40 minutes goes by... HELLO WHERE ARE THEY??? Phone rings Its the delivery guys. call from HH Greg we WILL BE THERE IN 45 MIN.I said Thank you and hung up.

:? :? Both times delivery guys have been awesome , very polite ,and seemed to care and respect our home. but customer service is TERRIBLE . I would never treat my customers in such manner.


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Lets make a deal ??? They have great prices cheaper then the competion its not a thrift shop or a flea market and everyone in that store wants to help..


Purchased two pedestals, paid cash,a week ago, and was told they would be in today.NOW I'm being told they are not in and that I can't be guarrented they will be in next week.

IT sounds like a waiting game and in the meantime THEY have MY money,which is making interest' in their hands. So,after a lenghtly call to the general manager Rob of the WYOMISSING,PENN, LOCATION, then to Monika at their Corp. Location, still got no resolution as too when my product in arriving.

HORRIBLE customer service!!!!!Oh, BEWARE--they are still selling online and at their locations the same product I purchased, after telling me they OVERSOLD them and don't now when they would arrive.



Also, as a hh gregg sales associate, customers do not understand that we get secret shoppers and a "bad" shop can cost us our job. If we get a vibe that you are a shopper we have to use specific sales tactics to "pass" the shop. So please see this from our standpoint we might only be trying to keep our jobs.


stay far away from hhgregg. been to that location. they say Hi but after that when trying to make a deal they smile and say "that's the best i can do" and walk away.


So let me get this straight....you had someone approach you and ask you if you need any help.Wow you paraniod fu%$%^.

Are you being followed now?Is there people plotting agaisnt you at night outside your bedroom window....are they pushy?


You must have one big bad attitude, I have been shopping at HHGregg for years and it's been great.I would rather have a salesperson approach me to see if I need help than not be approached at all, like Best Buy, Lowes, and Home Depot.

You need to stick with Wal Mart.:eek

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