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If anyone is hesitant to purchase from hhgregg I am a firm believer the answer is NO. 100X no.. Not today, not tomorrow, not ever again. My husband and I have spent so much money there when we built our new home. We finally got around to building our patio and this is when I forever became a hater of this place. I have never had so much ridiculousness happen in my entire life. I will explain what happened as best as I can in hopes that you see my issue with this place and choose to NOT choose them for your own needs, ever again.

We purchased a patio table for $1800 on August 28th. We paid $149 to have it delivered and unwrapped. We purchased this table online. I liked it, it matched, sat the right amount of people and had a quick delivery of under 7 days. Around 2 weeks after purchase date our table is still no where to be found. It was lost in transition to the local store near me in Noblesville that then would deliver it. It was lost for 3 weeks. Finally it arrives to the store MID-SEPT (3 weeks late), we set a delivery date. The drivers didn't call when they were on their way so no one was there to greet them. They left our packages unopened on our driveway. Three massive boxes. My husband gets a call and the drivers as they are there and they wont wait 10min for him to get home. They just leave. It is now Sept 23rd!!!! I called hhgregg customer service to get my delivery charged refunded due to not fulfilling my "unwrapped delivery charges and they refunded me a mere $50. At this point I kept my cool and was like "whatever". Then, we unwrapped our boxes a few days later to find broken tiles of the table. I called hhgregg again to complain and ask "what now?" -- they gave me the manufactures phone number to get replacement pieces. I called and after 7 days I received a replacement piece.... BROKEN in a huge box with little to none packaging... at this point I was starting to lose my cool. I emailed back and forth with the manufacture for ANOTHER replacement piece. Turns out they gave me their last replacement piece and my table is discontinued. They will have to order it (from china) and no idea how long it will take. ARE YOU FOR REAL? Still, it's not the manufactures fault. At this point, my husband and i went to hhgregg in Noblesville to request a refund. But since it was October 10th (2 1/2 weeks since it was delivered, 6 weeks after purchase date0 -- they assure me not to worry and it will be just fine and a refund will be given..... But, wait, they can't do the return in store and will need to contact corporate.... They do so and I wait and wait and wait. Each week I called and spoke to someone new -- each time for 45 minutes trying to figure out what's going on, why they wont refund me $1800 IMMEDIATELY due to my terrible experience. Finally today, OCTOBER 24TH my husband gets a voicemail from a lady saying, 'sorry, no, no one told you it would be refunded and we wont take it back, thanks.' Mind you she didn't leave a name, a return number to contact her or anything. So I call corporate again -- just to get her contact info and ask "what in the world? and she simply tells me & "ma'am we cannot accept the return, about 10 times she said this. I continued to ask why -- she said its been past 30 days and she wont go there. UMM EXCUSE ME, HAD MY TABLE NOT BEEN LOST BY YOUR COMPANY FOR 3-4 WEEKS and has the delivery drivers done their job and noted the broken tiles on the table top -- I WOULD HAVE BEEN IN THE 30 DAY WINDOW and it would have been justified!!?!

So here it is October 24th, I can't return my table, it's broken, no replacement pieces coming anytime soon AND I don't even think I have sat in one of it's chairs yet-- I am BEYOND upset and cannot believe this is okay. To hhgregg, I would love to inform you that from today and forever, I will not let any of my friends, co-workers, acquaintances or family members SHOP at your store. I just wasted 8 weeks of my life trying to give YOU the benefit of the doubt and make this right. Shame on you for this behavior.

And the & "Lady" at corporate, you're awful at your job. When I asked to speak to your boss Jessica -- "not happening" Di said. Well no thanks for your help and you all need to be fired for terrible customer service.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss damaged or defective of table. Hhgregg needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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