I will not go into detail except to say NEVER SHOP AT or BUY ANYTHING at hhgregg. Even if you spend your money on an extended warrenty it is still useless.

Their store managers, corporate office and customer service is horrid. Multiple phone calls, hours on the phone and still no where. They never return the call as they say they will. They have to be the worst store I have dealt with in my 40 years on earth.

Unfortunately, I had to find this out after spending almost $4,000.00 in their store. I would much prefer in the future to use Best Buy or anyone else.

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bfj4u269, just so you know, you can find complaints on multiple web sites about any business. We live in a world of people who refuse to listen because they don't want to take the time to.

Therefore you have people who feel like they've been lied to multiple times. So in reality you have to take all of these complaints with a grain of salt.

For every *** who comes on here to complain, there are 5 people who received and still do receive great service. To the original poster, I am sorry that HH gregg won't fix something that you most likely broke yourself because you're an ***.


hhdude - WE CAN take this review seriously. You can find all the details of hhgregg shortcomings here or on any other review site. Unfortunately hhgregg has gained a reputation for not providing customer-friendly service once your money is in their hands.


If you're not going to go into detail, we can't take you seriously. You might just be exaggerating or making all this up.

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