I am completely dissatisfied and blown away by the poor service I received recently at the Mishawaka, IN HH Gregg. I purchased a washer/dryer set and explicitly asked the sales agent before purchase when the earliest date for delivery would be as this was a determining factor to my purchase.

The sales agent specifically stated I would receive a call Sunday evening, 6/1 to confirm a 3 hour window. I verified that I need the delivery after 4PM as like any other adult - I work during the day and do not have the luxury of taking 3 hours out of my day to sit and wait for a delivery. The sales agent stated this would not be a problem to have the delivery after 4PM. Monday afternoon I finally call them, only to find out the delivery is set for the following Monday, 6/9.

They could schedule the delivery for Tuesday 6/3, but told me I had to wait for a callback later on that evening to give me the three hour window - again reiterating I need the delivery after 4PM. The rep I spoke with stated if that time frame didn't work out to call back and reschedule. Finally I get a call saying the delivery time will be between 9:15AM-12:15PM. I immediately call the store and get the same rep I spoke with earlier that afternoon and she places me on hold and then the manager picks up with no explanation.

His scope of customer service revolved around phrases like "This is the way we've always done it." And "I've been here 6 years and it's worked this way for everyone else." There was no sense of customer service as the entire call he was speaking over me and interrupting. His only solution was we could push the delivery back another day but there would be no guarantee on the time or that I could wait until Saturday. This defeated the whole purpose of purchasing appliances with the immediate need for delivery discussed at the time of purchase.

This experience speaks volumes that this business is simply focused on the sale with no desire to improve customer service or return business. I will never purchase appliances from this store again.

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You mean they didn't throw their carefully planned route out the window and plan the whole route around your requested delivery time? What terrible service! Get real.

Orlando, Florida, United States #823081

This is how pretty much every furniture/heavy delivery company works. I worked for a furniture delivery company for 3 years and all 3 of the delivery agents we used did the same thing.

They would call the day before with a 2 hour time window and until this time there is no way to guarantee a specific time frame. The deliveries are routed very carefully going from the facility. They can't skip over your house, complete their route, and then go back clear across tow to you at the end of the day.

Yes, the salesperson should have told you this is how it works, but otherwise delivery agents work in business hours just like you do and can't accommodate everyone. Otherwise if everyone got their deliveries after they came home from work people would be getting deliveries at 10PM.

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