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I would not recommend that any one work for this company.They are so ethically and morally wrong that can make a person speechless.

I have worked retail for a long time and I have never worked for a company that seemed to always be cheating their customers. The management sits back and makes fun of customers because they think they are getting a "deal" when a in all honesty there are no deals in this store. The change the manufactures suggested retail price just to make it seem like a good deal. I am an hourly paid associate that has been cut from 40 hours a week down to 24 all because sales are slow.

I am the only full time associate in my department but there is a male that is part time that get more hours than I do. When i question my manager about this he tells me that the other associate isn't getting more hours than me and not to worry. I have seen in this company that if your not a male than you don't seem to matter to this company.

I would not recommend anyone buy from them.I don't even buy from them I go across the street and buy from our competitor Sears.

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I agree with the two other comments. HH

Gregg is as fair to women as they are to

men employees too. I have a friend in Florida

who works for them. She's been promoted

up more than once and now a store

manager. If you truly are a employee,

which I doubt, than you must not be a

good worker, poor attitude or want to be

on top without earning it. Just reading

some of these complaints are a big joke.

I never seen a company care so much

about their employees, along with extreme

training of knowledge of their products.

It's the old saying, you want something for

nothing, why should I wait, I'm deserving

now. My friend has told me HH Gregg goes

above and beyond in trying to please a

customer. It's just some people who are

rude and want to be way more compensated

than what they ever bought a product from

them that has a problem. No product you

purchased is a guaranty it's perfect. HH Gregg

doesn't make the products, but sales them.

Be adults, respectful. It's a company that's

been around since the 50's. You start at the

bottom and work your way up, as it should

be. Sounds old fashion to the younger

generation for sure, but you learn to

appreciate your job a lot more and do it

better. Sadly too many companies today

could care less and...

over rate of employees. I'd rather do

business with a company that's been

around way over 50 years, grown slowly

and treats you with respect. Living on the

West Coast as I do, we'd love having

HH Gregg here, your jobs and the better


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Hhgregg does have hourly employees, they are the csm's (cashiers) and warehouse associates.

@op, this is retail, during the non holiday times companies have to cut back on hours. As for someone else getting more hours than you, maybe their being more productive??? or its just regular company politics.

Also, your right the MSRP is listed to make the customer feel like their getting a good deal, but due to the internet customers know if their getting a good deal or not.


At first I would understand you here, but in your complaint there are a few errors. I personally do not believe you work (or have worked) at hhgregg. Why? A few reasons, mainly: 1. Hhgregg employees are commissioned based, how could you possibly be hourly? This is the same no matter where you go!

2. The MSRP (Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price)is NOT adjusted to try to and get sales through the door. The MSRP is set! Go to the MSRP on there is SET and the SAME as Hhgregg!

3. As I do know, Hhgregg is always placed near a competitor, but if you have worked there for as long as you said you have, you should've received a discount. Why go to Sears and buy everything at their price when you get it at cost?

Before you come onto a site and lie, remember there are other people out here reading these, try and stay with the truth!

to An Hhgregg employee #943301

hey genius, warehouse and CSMs are hourly!!!! d u m b a s s

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