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On November '11 I went to HHGreg in Towson MD to buy a mattress. The sales person DJ was the one helping me.

He showed me the IConfort mattress set. He said it came with mattress, box spring, and a special bed frame designed for the mattress. The bedframe was the deal maker. I bought the set, when it was delivered all I received was the Mattress and Box spring and no frame.

I called the store to speak with DJ. He asked if I signed for it, which I did. Then I was told by him that’s all I was supposed to get. Course when I was in the store to select one he told me something different.

DJ misrepresented my purchase and I ended up paying $1300.00 for something that I only bought because of what he said it came with. Over the past year I have called and emailed a number of times, telling what happened over and over again.

I have even been threatened with the police because the way I expressed my frustration for ripping me off for $1300.00. To this day this is still unresolved.

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Denver, Colorado, United States #1258867

HHGregg has terrible customer service and even worse delivery. They promised me two different delivery dates and I still don't have my product that I paid for. Do not purchase anything from them unless you have a month or so to wait for your item.


Most mattress stores do Not include frames with the purchase. In the old days mattress stores did but not any more.

Retailers like macys make big bucks off of selling frames now.

These newer frames that have come out are much better in quality. Next time maybe you should buy a real mattress store rather than hh greg where the salesperson are selling everything in that box.

to Stinky man #800537

This was a propitiatory frame just for the iComfort Mattress set.

It wasn't just a metal bed frame.

Baltimore, Maryland, United States #771472

Well HHGREG doesn't care about their customers, I guess that think they can stay in business without us. Their stock price is a clear indication how they treat their customers.

HHGREG employees' job is to make the company money and all their doing is causing them to loose money (ie the low stock price). They do this to so many customers we should start a pool for how much longer before they go out of business.

Joel A.


They can't threaten you with police. Laugh in their face the next time they do that. You've done your job by posting your review, rest assured that you are hitting their bottom line by doing so.

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