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Not honoring the 10 yr agreement. Giving me the run around with every attempt and trying to tell me that a motherboard is not a major componate. So pissed. Read more

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I purchased a recliner from HHGREGG of this cheaply made ***. Purchased 7/15. I called a few months ago and they said because i leaned to the left and with my negligence tore up the entire workings. Not only was i still on my one year warranty but purchased a 5 year as well. The store lied. I called manufacturer who spoke with the HHGREGG, LYING STORE, manager. They called manufacturer who said it was my fault. No matter how many times i asked... Read more

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if it was an option I would select no stars this company has NO CUSTOMER SERVICE . who can stand in a store for 15 minutes and have 12 workers staring and none even acknowledging you. where you walk out and still said nothing at all. hold for over a half hour was told although my product is under a year old they can't do a thing for me, they don't stand behind their products past 30 days it's not their problem. I will never shop with this... Read more

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I purchased a washer and dryer from HH Gregg. Their crew did the installation and started the washer saying it had to run thru the first cycle. They had forgotten to hook up the drain hose and my laminate floor was flooded with a 1/2" of standing water. The floor is damaged and will have to be replaced. Attempts over the last 9 weeks to discuss this with the store and I am told I have to take it up with the delivery company they contracted with.... Read more

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I went to HHGREGG to buy a washer and a dryer and asked if they can do something on the price they told me NO, because they have the lowest price around and they told me they looked at Best Buy and lowes and sears just to make sure and the said NO. So I went to best buy to find out they had it for much lower price and FREE DELIVERY. I went back to HHGREGG just to tell them they were lying to me and see if they would price match and beat the... Read more

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We went to the Easton Store to let our son purchase an MP3. The employee's helped us as much as they could and then the manager had to unlock the merchandise for my son to purchase. The manager Chris decided he wanted to have a 20 minute conversation with a friend instead of helping us. He yelled at the employee's who were black to help us (a black family). My husband approached him stating that we needed him to unlock the merchandise... Read more

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Purchased a refrigerator was delivered but salesperson had put the wrong model on the paperwork. Poor delivery drivers had it all unwrapped and found out that it did not fit the space. Called the store and ask for a manager, he wouldn't even speak with us forwarded the call to our sales person. Who the most he could say was I am sorry that I screwed up. That didn't help me that we getting a frig that day nor could we be guaranteed of... Read more

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HHGregg is all about sales and non existant on service. We purchased a refrigerator with warranty. The refridgerator has developed a crack in the interior wall which a store sales man, sales manager and store manager all agree can lead to the item failing. The refuse to honor the warranty as the refridgerator has not 'failed completely yet.' Yet, is the key word. They acknowledge that the appliance will fail, but will do nothing to... Read more

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As an ex-employee I was let go while I was on doctor leave. My doctor took me off of my job due to the managers wouldn't follow any of the restriction the doctor has given me. Some of the mangers would tell me to do things that I wasn't aloud to do. I was put on pain killers and they wanted my to opertate a fork lift and stand on stools to do ice makers. While I was on pain killers. There has been several times me and a few of the... Read more

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In Feb.2011 I ordered over $3500.00 of appliances. First they delivered to my old address instead of new one so instead of waiting for half an hour, i ended up waiting for 3 hrs. because they said they had to go ahead and make the other deliveries first. Second, I was supposed to get a visa card as a rebate for the delivery charge. What a joke. They said it was an invalid postmark but yet in my email for tracking it, it said they received it 5... Read more

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