I purchased a 50" Samsung plasma television on 8/22/08 which was delivered 8/24/08. the television worked great until 9/6/08 when all of a sudden it made 2 popping noises and went out.

The repair man they contract with said it may have had a hairline crack and when it heated up it broke the back panel and it can't be fixed. he wrote that it happened the same day on his report so when Samsung contacted them they told Samsung it was either damaged at delivery or when I put it on the table. which if I damaged it would I be able to watch it for 13 days? He told me to contact HH Gregg and tell them what he said and they will replace the tv.

HH Gregg has done absolutely nothing to help me. they keep saying they need approval from corporate, they need approval from Samsung. They never give me an answer or return the call when they say they will.

Samsung now says that since the report from the repair man says it was damaged either in delivery or installation it is not covered by the manufactures warranty and it is up to HH Gregg to take care of me.

I told HH Gregg this and I get more of the same, I need approval and will call you back. they never do. I spent close to 2,000.00 dollars on this television and a 5 year warranty they sold me which isn't worth the paper it is written on and can't get any help getting this resolved.

I found out today the 5 year warranty does not even begin until the manufactures warranty ends - was I swindled or what. The salesman told me when I purchased that the extended warranty will cover anything that the manufactures warranty wont cover so you never have to worry.

I called the extended warranty people and guess what, it's not covered under this warranty either.

I will never purchase another thing from HH Gregg and will tell everyone I can to stay away from that chain. I now have to pay for a television I can't even watch while they get approval from who knows who?

Everyone involved in this transaction, Samsung, HH Gregg and the waranty company all point to the other for a resolution and in the meantime I have no television.

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I also bought a 50 inch tv from them and it just went black one day. So I bought a new 50 inch with a warrenty from them and the fallowing month it went black.

We have been waiting on them to fix it for months now!!! We will never buy from them again!!!


You could try and getting this issue resolved through your credit card company, if you payed in that form.


My tv broke after 4 days of owning it. I am taking it back today the manager seems to be taking me seriously, I have had many problems with the products so they better *** well or I will sit in front of their store with my broke *** tv and tell everyone what *** they sell.


I am also having problems with hhgregg and the extended warranty on my TV. It has been going on for 2 months now and I cant watch my TV. Not only will I never buy a extended warranty I will never buy anything from hhgregg after they lie about the warranty just to get you to buy it and then they will do nothing to help you get your TV fixed or replaced because they say its out of their hands.

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