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As a follow up to my first post, here are a few more reasons to avoid this company like the plague.

1) As I previously explained hh gregg will make you send in a rebate form to get reimbursed for certain appliance deliveries. But did you know that after you wait forever for the rebate that they send in the form of a pre paid visa card, the card has a $3.00 per month maintenance fee. So if you put this card in your wallet for a while you could lose substantial value.

By the way Lowe's and Home depot have true free delivery.... no rebates.

2) hh greeg talks about all the training the associates receive. The only thing associates are trained to do is to lead customers to the product with the most profit, to sell absurdly priced accessories, and force worthless warranties on customers. Example of most profit ....in the TV dept LG tv's are usually the most profitable piece. Not the most expensive, not the best quality, not what might be in the customers best interest but the most profit. Unlike most commission jobs in retail, that usually will pay on total volum, the hh gregg pay plan is profit loaded and if you dont make profit you dont earn a living(they also rip off employees by changing profit sometimes on a daily basis... another story for a different day). Also the pay plan is so loaded on warranties, most sales people dont even worry about profit just about how much warranty dollars they have sold. Warranties are known as adding the cheese.It is really hare for a moral and ethical individual to be financially successful. But if your not willing to sell your soul and do the right thing by the customer at least you can sleep well at night.

3) I hopw you never need to replace an item. hh gregg claims to have a 14 day unconditional return policy. However if you have a defective appliance, which happens often due to careless handling by warehouse and delivery drivers, you will go through hoops to get a new one. First they will make you have a repair appt and see if the damage is bad enough to replace the unit. so you could have a brand new fridge thats not working and instead of just bringing a new one it could be over a week by time a repair person gets to you, another couple of days to get it replaced, and in the mean time you may have lost your food, time from work to meet a repair man and then another all day wasted waiting for the fridege. This also applies to many products. Sounds great when a sales rep tells you 14 days unconditional but its another thing to try and get them to live up to their word.

These are just a few more reasons to stay away from hh gregg.

I will post more installments as time allows

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My name is regina harris open and account with hhgregg 2014 and call several time and never got my rebate i will report it to the BBB!


Thanks never got rebate on expensive adjustable bedding.y


Don't count on using this rebate card. Yes, there is a $3.00 per month service fee.

In addition, every time I tried to use it, it was denied. I finally got mad enough to spend time trying to find out why. They would not talk to me, only my husband because only his name was on the card. Meanwhile, tick-tock, tick-tock, the balance keeps going down monthly.

We finally learned that I could not use the card for a purchase larger than the amount available (and pay the difference by another means of payment).

So, you'd better know the balance and buy something lower than that balance. What a scam - we lost more than we used!


I bought washer recently. Price was higher than in Lowe's .

They matched the price plus gave me $30 additional off.

But on the web says:"If for some reason you find a lower price from a competitor's local store on the same in-stock model, we'll honor their price plus give you 10% of the difference - on the spot". Well $30 was about 4%.


gregg employee, you obviously don't know much about the process or how it works, but I would expect that from a retail worker, probably a young person not far removed from high school. So for your edification:

hh gregg DOES NOT issue a Visa card; a RESTRICTED RETAIL Visa GIFT CARD is provided by MetaBank--the same bank that underwrites the hh gregg credit card (READ THE FINE PRINT!). In exchange for making a profit on the interest from the credit card, MetaBank provides the gift card. It's known as a sales-finance agreement; the store gets to qualify buyers for much more than they might otherwise spend (and it does work), and the bank makes a profit on the interest from a much higher dollar amount. The consumer buys more product, but now has payments to make--at a typically high interest rate on that much higher dollar amount.

To avoid this *rebate* nonsense (and the sales tactics hh gregg uses; they were really pushing me to apply for a credit card, even though I had stated 3 times I was prepared to pay CASH for the SINGLE item I wanted), go to Lowes, Home Depot or Best Buy, as the original poster suggests; all 3 have FREE DELIVERY (this means NO CHARGE). When you factor in the delivery fee hh gregg charges, you will find they are NOT able to PRICE MATCH, as they advertise; they are always at least $80 higher. If you had already planned to blow $80 at retail establishments, fine, but make sure you check FIRST to verify they accept this gift card--not everyone does.

I got stung on this once; the fine print was so tiny, I had to go home, get out a 200x magnifying glass and read it before I knew what they were really doing (and it helps to have a friend who works for a bank). Fool me once, shame on you, but fool me twice...

Now that I know better, they will never get my business again. Free Delivery should mean exactly what it says. If I want a restricted gift card, I can go out and buy it myself.

Papenburg, Niedersachsen, Germany #226465

Thanks, Andy you proved my point about the unethical and immoral type of person that hh gregg likes to hire. If you truly cared about your customers you would spend 3/4 of your time counseling with them to really find out what their needs are and only 1/4 of the time hammering them on the warranty.

But as you said its how you make money, so I guess putting your needs ahead of the customers is what you consider ethical. As far as sleeping well, Im sure Bernie Madoff slept well also,till he got caught.


First of all if you know how to sell you will do well at hhgregg. Second, they changed service plans to Warrentech which is a great company.

Its no secret that we make most of our money off service plans. i spend 1/4 of my time selling product and 3/4 selling psp. I feel fine, i sleep well at night. I know i dont *** over my customers, I take care of them.

The one thing i hate tho, is our delivery teams.

They suck. true story

Papenburg, Niedersachsen, Germany #221107

to Mo Ron or is that ***. You have no clue as to what you speak about.

The delivery rebate is provided by Gregg not the manufacturer.

As to return policy Gregg offers what they say is an unconditional 14 day money back gaurantee, what part of unconditional do you not understand.

Businesses should make profit but not by unscrupulous business dealings.

As far as being a traitor, i am truly a patriot protecting the public from an unethical company.

Go get a life ***

to Gregg Employee #1039140



1) The rebate you send in is done by the manufacturer and it is used by Home Depot and Lowes also. Nothing to do with H H Gregg.

2)Duh that is what businesses are open for to make the most profit they can.

3)Most companies want to see what is wrong wwith the product before they get returned if damaged just in case the customer damaged it and if it is done before the delivery they should refuse it so they are not stuck.

4) If yo are an employee of Gregg why don;t you quit or are you a hypocrite and want to collect pay off of a shady company.

You are the kind of traitor that America doen't need you try to bring down a company that feeds you.

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