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Update by user Mar 25, 2015

Change of heart--found out many companies advertise products that were never available when ads were originally placed, without offering rain checks at the sale price. HH Gregg is no different than any other big box retailer.

Sad but true.

No need to single them out as the only "bad guys" in retail. Apologies to all HH Gregg employees.

Original review posted by user Jan 08, 2015

"The worst phone CSR support ever! An item was advertised in a sales circular that I attempted to order.

It appeared online as "out of stock in my area" and would not accept an "add to cart" order. I then called customer support to see if I could order the item and lock in the sale price and was told flatly, NO! I was told that the item was not discontinued, but, the CSR had no knowledge as to if and when the item would be back in stock or even if it was on order. Very poor customer support information either on the part of HH Gregg corporate or the CSR's are just plain idiots and don't know how to access the proper information to give customers.

HH Gregg should definitely allow customers to order items that are temporarily out of stock at the sale price or issue rain checks.

Another sad example of why so many large retailers are going out of business--they don't treat their customers right!! "

Reason of review: HH Gregg doesn't allow orders at sale prices when items out of stock or issue rain checks..

Preferred solution: Allow purchase of Home Stretch Carolina Persimmon Swivel Glider Recliner Model: 1069342 at $399.00 when item becomes available..

I didn't like: Customer service.

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simple answer, hhgregg doesn't do rain checks. they would rather you not order the item when it's not in stock to avoid a "I paid for this item 3 months ago and still nothing blah blah blah" situation.

CSRs don't have readily accessible information as to when an item is supposed to be back in stock. Trust me I used to work there. And it sucked to not be able to tell a person why an item isn't in stock or when it might be back.

No need to get upset at the company or the rep for not being able to sell you something they don't have. Get a life.

to hashtagfirstworldproblems Scranton, Pennsylvania, United States #943142

I believe there is a need to get upset with the company. They advertise items that are NEVER available for sale and they leave their CSR people swinging in the breeze with no information to respond to customers.

I firmly stand by my original review about HH Gregg having the worst customer service and sales policies. If you will take notice of hundreds of other reviews on several review websites it will confirm the true facts.

Maybe you should try to get your job back at HH Gregg as you would fit right in with the other ignorant people that work there (Both online and in stores). You are the one who needs to "Get A Life".

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