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I cannot begin to tell you hhgregg how incredibly disappointed I am in your company as a whole, the way you train (or should I say DON'T train) your sales people and that you are perfectly fine with misleading your customers about warranties and how they are honored (or should I say NOT honored). My husband purchased a very expensive TV ($3500) from you on February 15, 2014 from your North Olmsted Ohio store.

The only one left was the floor model. He was very concerned about the hours of use already on it but there were no more in stock. He told the sales person he'd purchase the floor model but needed the 5 year warranty added in, INCLUDED in the sale price. The sales person said "no problem, my manager said we can do that." When the invoice/transaction was actual put into the system the actual sale price of the TV was reduced by the amount of the 5 year warranty because the sales person said that's just how they have to document it because the system won't process a warranty without a dollar amount attached to it.

The sales person specifically said, don't worry about it though it won't impact your warranty at all (LIAR). Now silly us for believe we should be able to trust what he told us as the truth. Why should we expect honesty and integrity right??? So, lo and behold we start having trouble with the TV.

After multiple calls to the warranty co. (Warrantech Corp) and being referred to repair shops FIVE STATES AWAY we finally find a repair guy to come look at the TV who's actually located in OHIO. Good New!!!!! He believes it can be fixed and will call the warranty company to let them know.

Call back from the repair guy, Bad News!!! The warranty company has decided they won't pay for the repair that they'll give us store credit for a replacement TV. Sounds like good news, right. WRONG, the amount of "credit" we get to replace the TV is only the amount of the line item for "purchase price" because $649 had been pulled out and placed on the warranty line.

We don't get "credit" for that (even though we paid for 5 years of warranty and it went bad after only less than 18 months). So my husband agreed to buy a $3500 floor model TV but now when it went bad and the warranty company doesn't want to pay for it to be fixed (even thought he repair guys says it can be fixed) we only get "store credit of $2649.

After several hours of time calling your customer service department and several incompetent people telling us there's nothing they can do we're screwed. ALL we want at this point is the money back, NO STORE CREDIT, because WHY would we ever want to purchase something from hhgreg again after this horrific experience??

This reviewer shared experience about warranty issue and wants this business to issue a full refund as the author lost $3500. The author is overall dissatisfied with Hhgregg. Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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I can’t see the warranty being a ripoff to any other customer—at least by any respectable customer who actually purchased their warranty. Instead, you demanded that you “needed it” in the price of the TV.

The store is correct; the PSP has to have a dollar amount. What did you think that meant? If you don’t see a separate line that stated “MGR SAT” for the amount, and you didn’t pay for it, then it must come out of the value of the TV. The sales associate did not mislead you.

It does not impact the warranty coverage, as everything is still covered. However, if the event that the TV is unable to be repaired, a credit for what the TV was billed at is issued. Big words from someone who—had a warranty not been oh so generously donated—would be out of luck, as the TV is out of the manufacturer warranty. If you came into my store demanding we eat the cost of a warranty, I would have told you to have a nice day and shown you the door.

If you were uneasy about purchasing a floor model, you should not have done so. So you can take your store credit (which I think you’ll find, will REMAIN a store credit) and look for a new TV.

With the price drops in 4K and premium TVs, you won’t have a problem finding the same if not better quality TV for $2600. Maybe you’ll even pay for the warranty this time.

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