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The HH Gregg delivery and installation folks didn't install our washing machine in the drain pan and were lazy enough to not even install the feet on them. This happened over a year ago and I only realized that the installation wasn't done right after my builder pointed it out.

Now, when I called them back (several calls to get to the right people - between the store, the corporate office and their delivery center), they would not come out to install it the right way. The reason cited was "too much liability" to do the installation.I will be sure to take my business elsewhere.

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You're asking a company to return a year later to fix something you should have taken care of when it happened. If they come back now and do what you ask and then your washer malfunctions they very well could be held liable and from what I see you would be the kind of person to blame them.

I understand your concern, but I also know about liability issues as I am an attorney.

HHGregg should have installed your washer correctly. There is no denying that, however they can not fix that mistake over a year later.

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