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my husband and i went to hh gregg in johnson city,tn to buy a washer and dryer on 1/12/12.the sales person who took care of us told us that the delivery date for our washer and dryer would be monday 1/16/12.

so we paid for the washer and dryer with a check and left . on sunday while my husband and i were both at work there was a message left from the salesman telling us that it would be wednesday the 18th when they could deliver the washer and dryer. my husband and i did not return home until after 7pm and did not check our answering machine until later. my husband called the store and we were told that he could come and get it or we would have to wait until wednesday.he was told that because of where we live that deliveries were only scheduled for our area on wednesday.

we decided to cancel our order and then we were told that it would be a week to ten days to receive our money back because we paid by check. so not only do we not have a washer or dryer to do laundry with we don't have the money to go buy on either.

these people need to tell customers from the beginning the truth about when stuff will be delivered , it is bad service and bad customer relations.we will not go back there and we will be telling anyone that will listen about how we were treated.

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I ordered a washer and dryer and was supposed to be delivered August 1st. They just now called and said it won't be delivered between the 19-26th. I don't know if I should complain and cancel that order because she gave me a good deal but how can they expect me to go without a washer and dryer for a month?!?


That's bs it 2 days to clear


They are holding those funds because it has to clear their accounts, which can take up to 14 days. This is standard in most retail businesses now due to people writing bad checks and trying to get cash back. Best bet would be to just call corporate make a complaint to possibly get a partial refund and stay with the washer/dryer in my opinion.

Good Luck


Who the *** even writes a check anymore?

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