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I bought a camera at HH Gregg and have sent it in 2 times to be repaired.The first problem was fixed but when I got it back, another problem was created.

I have sent it back to be repaired. To make a long story short, HH Gregg has sent out my camera for repair and they've had my camera 4.5 out of the last 5 months and I still don't have it and don't know when I'm getting it back. I have spent thousands there and I have never had an issue.

Phone calls and emails only get me pissed even more with no answers except to call the repair company or the manufacturer.I don't have a problem with Kodak, it's HH Gregg's deplorable service.

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I know how a camera repair goes I worked for a retail store that had our own repair.You say that hh gregg had your camera for 4.5 months thats nothing I've seen 6 to 8 on a C@non 40D don't hate the store hate the camera repair.

PS don't try to repair a POINT AND SHOOT.Just set the thing up at 25yds and shoot it.

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