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I brought a laptop and the hard drive went out in about 6 mo. took it back to hhg the only thing the manger did was give me a phone number of some guy in India and he could not help me I had it fixed myself I will never buy from hhg again I will pay double if I have to and I will tell any one what a bad experience I had with this company I will do what ever I can to slow there sales I do not even care if they go out of bussiness so be it.

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I paid for a 3-year warranty when I bought my laptop at hhgregg.They won't take a look at it because they don't offer that model anymore.

That was the excuse they gave me. Even when I handed them the receipt proving I paid $299.99 for a 3-year warranty.

Toshiba told me I have to deal with the store I bought it from, so that avenue is dead.Besides, I paid for a warranty so am I correct in consulting hhgregg or should I pressure Toshiba?


I@concerned citizen: beg to differ. the HH Gregg service plan, as will ALL others, defers to the mfr in YEAR 1. Read your terms. Hard drive failure is a warranty issue. A virus or malware is the consumer's issue from Day 1.

OP should not have contacted HHG; should have contacted the mfr customer support directly.

Shills pushing service contracts are the morons perpetuating myths on the consumer.


Wow. did you know that hhgregg is a retail company? Are you familiar with what that means? That means that hhgregg sells other companies' products. So, if something happens to your laptop 6 months down the road, it's up to the manufacturer!

The only thing I can say is this: the world is would be a better place without morons complaining a out a broken laptop 6 months down the road.

Oh, and I'm sure you declined the performance service plan that retailers offer. This service plan is about the only thing that would have helped you in this situation.

Next time you go to buy tires, maybe you pick "discount tires", and purchase Goodyear tires..... Let everyone know if they will help you out 6 months after your initial purchase!

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