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after purching a dishwasher, the installer would not remove my old

dishwasher until I removed my new hardwood floor.

Myself and a neighbor removed it in 30 minutes we are both women.

I lost a whole day of work, and was ignored, transferred around, and put on hold by Install, inc. for the next 4 days.

I was given 4 different numbers to call, and each time give my compliant

then was stuck on hold with a voice saying we'll be right back.......

I am pissed, never will go to HHGregg again, and intend to tell everyone.

I return the dishwasher, and will go to someone who follows thru.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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Ummm, sounds like you should be mad at the install company.If you had a new floor installed over the old one this should have been communicated to the salesperson.

They are not mind readers.

Dishwashers are built to fit under your cabinet and they require a thing called clearance to get in and out of under the cabinets.When you install a fancy new floor on top of your olod one, you raise your floor by at least an inch making it impossible to install the dishwasher.

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