I've tried the "Contact us" tab 3 times, and have received no acknowledgement at all, so I thought I'd try the "commercial division", with hopes that it may get to someone that would hear me out, and maybe pass this email on to someone that refund me my overcharge. Here's my story:

I see on your website a tablet by Curtis on sale for $98. So I go to your store in Mobile, Al to buy it. I ask the clerk to see it, and he says it's right there, and points to one, but it's signed "$119". I asked him about the $98, and he says, "No, it's $119". In hindsight, I shouldn't have bought it, I should have gone right across the street to Best Buy and showed them the price online, and they would have matched it. But I gave ya'll the benifit of the doubt, thought maybe I looked at something different online, and bought it anyway (invoice # G501-011677)

So when I get home, I look up the item on your web page, and sure enough, there it is for $98. To make matters worse, on the way to work, I heard one of your ads that says "you'll match any price for 30 days after purchase". So I figured easy enough, I'll just point this out to the store, and ask them to match your own price, kind of a no brainer. So I called your store and told them that I had made a purchase yesterday, and see where it's advertised at a lower price today (yesterday and the day before too) , and do they match their own price. The clerk that answered the phone says "No, you have to have a coupon". WHAT? Who said anything about a coupon in your advertisement??? There's no referance to a coupon online! You won't match your own stores internet price??? So, if I had purchased it online, and picked it up at the store, I would have gotten the lower price, but since I went to the store to pay and pick up, I have to pay more!!!!!!!! How would you feel? Yanno, I'm not even sure that this is, well, lets just say it doesn't appear to me to be truthfull advertising.

I don't want an explanation, a 12 year old could tell you guys are dead wrong. I don't want an apology, that bell has been rung when nobody answered my previous 3 emails. I wan't my $23.10 that you overcharged me returned to me. The money doesn't mean that much to me, it's a matter of "right is right, wrong is wrong". If it was only $2.10, I'd be just as angry about being overcharged, lied to, and then ignored.

So to the guys in the Commercial Division, I appologize for forcing you to read this, but it effects you guys too. A bad reputation blankets the entire company. I would appreciate somebody passing this email on to someone that might be willing to take the appropriate action to get me my money refunded to me.

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It's a piece of *** tablet anyway. Save your money and buy an iPad. That's what a good salesman would've told you.

White Marsh, Maryland, United States #768246

that $98 tablet was a coupon piece but it occasionally goes on sale for $98 also that's probably where the confusion is coming from. it changes week to week.

the reason they could not match the price was probably because the cost the company pays the manufacturer for the tablet also changes week to week. so last weeks or even yesterday's sale cannot always be honored.

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