I was with my father when he purchased his flatscreen.we specifically ask the sale associate to make the due date the 10 of each month, because my dad is on a fixed income and gets paid the 3rd of each month.

When we started to get bills, I noticed the due date was the first.

I was pissed. I pay my dads bill, I sign checks that the company cashes, but when I called to ask if they would change the due date to the 10th, they said they would have to talk to him, he is 81 and now in a nursing home, each month he is charged a late fee. HHgreg are stealing from my dad, he has worked hard all of his life,and paid taxes, served in the milatary. Then someone with an accent answers the phone, and said they have to talk to him.

Iwas also calling to get his amount required to make his account current, but I suppose he couldn't do that either, so I said goodbye. Very poor customer service.

Not elderly friendly, I will never purchase anything from this company, they tooo can go under.enough said.

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Well first off I am sorry to hear about the problems with you father.However, the request you made to the sales rep is silly!

Just like any other retail credit card, the credit goes through a bank therefore the only people you can be mad at is that bank that iussed the credit. Also, if the credit card is in your fathers name with his SS number then obvioulsy (like any other Credit card) they would need to talk to him about any changes to the account for security purposes. Think if it was your card and someone called up and said they were a relative and wanted to adjust something to the account, and they went ahead and did it with no verification. I am sure you would be pissed and probably threaten a law suit.

So dont be mad that someone was doing their job correctly and following their security protocal because it was a little inconvenient for your to hand the phone to your dad. Also, They set the billing cycle and the due date and they issue late fees and they are who you pay not hhgregg. And im sure when the bill comes and you write the check it says on there where to make checks payable to and it is NOT hhgregg!! So please dont try and play up like another store like best buy or sears would do anything more for you in this situation, because frankly the stores have absolutely no control over your bills, period.

So try and place the blame where it belongs and either deal with it like a calm and respectful adult and keep your semi rascist comments...

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to anonymous #971113

It is the stores fault you fucktwit. The employee was told the due date. Hhgregg will go under like radio shack.

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